class WIZNET5K – control WIZnet5x00 Ethernet modules 类WIZNET5K——控制WIZnet5x00以太网模块 =====================================================

This class allows you to control WIZnet5x00 Ethernet adaptors based on the W5200 and W5500 chipsets. The particular chipset that is supported by the firmware is selected at compile-time via the MICROPY_PY_WIZNET5K option. 这个类允许您基于 W5200和W5500芯片组。所支持的特定芯片组 固件在编译时通过MICROPY_PY_WIZNET5K选择 选择。

Example usage:: 用法例子:

import network nic = network.WIZNET5K(pyb.SPI(1), pyb.Pin.board.X5, pyb.Pin.board.X4) print(nic.ifconfig())

# now use socket as usual # 现在像往常一样使用套接字 …

For this example to work the WIZnet5x00 module must have the following connections: 为了使这个示例工作,WIZnet5x00模块必须具有以下连接:

  • MOSI connected to X8

  • MISO connected to X7

  • SCLK connected to X6

  • nSS connected to X5

  • nRESET connected to X4

It is possible to use other SPI busses and other pins for nSS and nRESET. 有可能使用其他SPI总线和其他引脚的nSS和nRESET。

Constructors 构造函数 ————

class network.WIZNET5K(spi, pin_cs, pin_rst)

Create a WIZNET5K driver object, initialise the WIZnet5x00 module using the given SPI bus and pins, and return the WIZNET5K object. 创建一个WIZNET5K驱动程序对象,使用给定的初始化WIZnet5x00模块 并返回WIZNET5K对象。

Arguments are: 参数:

  • spi is an SPI object which is the SPI bus that the WIZnet5x00 is connected to (the MOSI, MISO and SCLK pins).

  • spi is an SPI object WIZnet5x00是哪一种SPI总线 连接到(MOSI,MISO和SCLK pins)。

  • pin_cs is a Pin object which is connected to the WIZnet5x00 nSS pin.

  • pin_cs is a Pin object 连接到WIZnet5x00 nSS引脚。

  • pin_rst is a Pin object which is connected to the WIZnet5x00 nRESET pin.

  • pin_rst is a Pin object 连接到WIZnet5x00 nRESET引脚。

All of these objects will be initialised by the driver, so there is no need to initialise them yourself. For example, you can use:: 所有这些对象都将被驱动程序初始化,所以没有必要这样做 初始化自己。例如,你可以用:

nic = network.WIZNET5K(pyb.SPI(1), pyb.Pin.board.X5, pyb.Pin.board.X4)

Methods 方法 ——-


Returns True if the physical Ethernet link is connected and up. Returns False otherwise. 如果物理以太网连接成功,返回``True``。 返回``False``。

WIZNET5K.ifconfig([(ip, subnet, gateway, dns)])

Get/set IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS. 获取/设置IP地址,子网掩码,网关和DNS。

When called with no arguments, this method returns a 4-tuple with the above information. 在不带参数的情况下调用该方法时,将返回一个包含上述信息的4元组。

To set the above values, pass a 4-tuple with the required information. For example:: 要设置上述值,需要传递一个包含所需信息的4元组。例如:

nic.ifconfig(('', '', '', ''))

Dump the WIZnet5x00 registers. Useful for debugging. 转储WIZnet5x00寄存器。用于调试。